Los Angeles Lakers: Could Jerry Sloan Be The Next Head Coach?

By marcgoldman
Douglas C. Pizac – USA TODAY Sports

Mike D’Antoni has been in the hot seat since the day he signed on the dotted line with the Los Angeles Lakers.

The Lakers quickly became aware of this but could not afford another coaching failure. They have been waiting for the right opportunity to make the switch.

Well, the time is now. But the answer is not George Karl.

The Lakers need Jerry Sloan; he’s a perfect fit for the current Lakers. Metta World Peace would thrive in his defense-driven system and Kobe Bryant would once again have a coach who has the same drive to win as he does.

Most importantly, Dwight Howard will have a coach again who only wants his center to post up on offense and block shots and rebound on defense.

Sloan is a coach who doesn’t play small ball and won’t be intimidated by his superstars. These are two qualities that are sorely lacking in the Lakers’ coaching staff right now.

Sloan is only half of the answer though. This team requires a younger coach that will earn the respect of the players and act as a successor once Sloan and Bryant are done.

The clear answer here is Patrick Ewing. Ewing already has a history of working with Howard back in his Orlando Magic days, and it is well known that he is looking to be a head coach at the NBA level.

Lakers fans don’t need to worry about another Mike Brown situation in which the Lakers will be paying two head coaches but only one of them is actually coaching. D’Antoni always seems to land on his feet. He will land another coaching gig and take that team through a 50-win season only to fall in the second round of the playoffs because he has yet to figure out what everyone else already has:

Defense wins championships.

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