2013 NBA Draft: Otto Porter Would be Golden For Charlotte Bobcats

By John Raffel
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Otto Porter continues to draw attention from NBA teams and draft observers as the big day of June 27 draws closer. He’s considered the best small forward in the draft and that’s a key position for young teams like the Charlotte Bobcats, who are just trying to break into the realm of respectability.

The Bobcats want Ben McLemore, who most likely will be gone when they pick No. 4. But Porter might be gone also. Many draft experts have him listed as No. 3 because of his talent at small forward. The Bobcats aren’t at a point where they can say they don’t need talent at certain positions. They definitely need it everywhere. That’s why the Bobcats should take the best player available. They don’t really have one specific need they can ignore.

As the No. 4 pick, if McElmore and Nerlens Noel are gone as expected, Porter would be the best player available, especially as far as Charlotte is concerned. At 6-0, it’s considered that Porter has excellent size as a small forward but the scoop is that he needs to get more physical before he’s very effective at the next level

If the Bobcats put Porter on their roster, what they will like the most about him is that he played the game smartly and composed and hardly ever gets rattled. He knows what his role is, where he’s supposed to be and when he’s to do something and when not to do something. Not all basketball players can attest to this strength. When it comes to finishing around the rim, he’s almost always reliable. If the Bobcats put Otto Porter on their roster, they’re automatically a better team. A week ago, opinions on that would have been different. But the hiring of Steve Clifford has changed things.


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