2013 NBA Draft: Tony Mitchell Might Be Ideal For Los Angeles Clippers

By John Raffel
Andrew B. Fielding-USA TODAY Sports

Tony Mitchell is ranked near 25th on some 2013 NBA Draft lists and that just happens to be the number where the Los Angeles Clippers are drafting.

Mitchell, the sophomore from North Texas, just might be able to fit in nicely with the Clippers, who could use a small forward with his talents.

The main question would be whether or not a talent from North Texas, not one of the more well known schools in college basketball, would be able to make the grade in the NBA. The early consensus is that Mitchell, with a little bit of development, would be valuable in the league. He may not start out with a ball of fire, but he has all the tools to become a good player.

Last season, Mitchell averaged 32.4 minutes, 13.0 points, 8.4 rebounds and 2.7 blocked shots per game. At 6-foot-9, his ability to rebound and block shots is what has attracted many NBA scouts. It’s among the reasons he’s expected to go in the first round. It’s why the Clippers are paying attention to him. He also shot 44 percent from the floor.

Scouts also say Mitchell is a good transitional player who can create opportunities. A note of concern is his decline in various statistical categories last season

But still, Mitchell looks to be  a solid pick late in the first round, and the Clippers might be the team to take a chance. He can give the team valuable depth at the small forward area for a long time.

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