Don't Expect Jason Kidd To Be Hired As Brooklyn Nets' Head Coach

By Mike B. Ruiz
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

There’s a good chance that future Hall of Fame point guard Jason Kidd, who recently retired, will make a fine NBA head coach someday, but don’t expect that day to come around this fall with the Brooklyn Nets.

On Friday, Mike Lupica of the New York Daily News, one of the most brilliant sportswriters around, suggested that the Nets should at least speak to their former point guard about their vacancy at the position.

There’s no question that hiring Kidd would make a truly compelling storyline. Before he joined the New Jersey Nets back in 2001, the franchise’s existence was nothing more than urban legend.

That’s how terrible they were.

Enter Kidd, who guarantees a playoff berth in year one. Fast forward to June, and they’re in the NBA Finals. Next season, same deal.

They may have lost both of those Finals, however, no one has ever doubted that it was Kidd who was the catalyst that changed the entire culture of the organization and catapulted them to that point instantly.

One of the qualities that made Kidd so successful during his Nets years was his fabulous basketball IQ. That same trait is also what many believe will make him just as prosperous as a head coach.

All of that sounds wonderful, but in the end, it would be too risky.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov refuses to back down from his vow of bringing an NBA title to the city of Brooklyn by 2015. Asking someone who has literally zero coaching experience in any sort of capacity to lead a team to a championship in his first two years on the job, is pure crazy talk.

Kidd will still get his shot to be a head coach, but not with the Nets next season.

But if Prokhorov wants to give him an assistant coach’s seat, he should feel more than comfortable in doing so.

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