Kudos To Brooklyn Nets Forward Kris Humphries For Honesty

By Mike B. Ruiz
Chris Humphreys-USA Today Sports

Thank you, Kris Humphries.

Thank you, for actually being honest and admitting what almost every other professional athlete refuses to.

In an interview with ESPN’s First Take on Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets forward displayed an admirable level of candor when saying, “I think there’s always a little bit of distraction in any situation like that,” in reference to his highly publicized divorce settlement with reality television star Kim Kardashian and how it may have negatively impacted him on the court this season.

Humphries also added, “Sometimes it’s a tougher situation within the team as well.”

Almost every other pro athlete would’ve answered a question about personal matters affecting their game with that annoyingly generic, semi-robotic reply that we’ve grown so accustomed to hearing.

You know, “That’s not something I worry about once I get to work. Once I’m out there with the guys, I have a job to do and that’s my only focus as long as we’re competing. Everything else gets left at the door.” That sort of response.

Humphries, however, not only avoided going down that beaten path, but he also managed to do so while simultaneously evading the perception of excuse-making by being effectively concise.

It’s a balancing act, and Humphries executed it with flawless precision.

Because in the end, even if they’re making $12 million in one year, the way Humphries did last season, pro athletes are still human beings.

They still have the same emotions we have.

They still go through many of the same hardships that we do.

And they still have to go to work and attempt to perform at their highest level while fighting through them.

But, in this instance, Humphries refused to throw on the fake Superman cape, even for just one moment, reminding us that no profession or enormous contract can cover overwhelming emotional distress.

That’s real. That deserves the utmost respect.


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