2013 NBA Finals: LeBron James Must Fulfill His Destiny

By andRe Christos Helios
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

Hands down, no questions asked, LeBron James is the most dominating player in the NBA as of now. He can do it all: he can score, he can rebound, he can assist, he can block and he can steal. His stats speak for themselves. Anyone that antagonizes James as an athlete either has impaired judgment or does so out of spite.

For the third consecutive year, the Miami Heat have advanced to the NBA Finals. They let Game 1 slip out of their fingers, but this is something that we have seen in times past — both in the regular season and the postseason. The Heat will have the lead and play relatively well throughout the course of the contest, but then suddenly, they collapse and relinquish the game.

This is not to take anything from the Oklahoma City Thunder, but the San Antonio Spurs are not them. In the 2012 Finals, the Heat lost Game 1 to Kevin Durant and the Thunder, then won the next four games. The Spurs are a different team. This isn’t their first Finals appearance; they have the necessary experience to win a championship. More importantly, their name speaks for itself–the Spurs– and yes, they have four championships. In other words, the Heat should not take that loss lightly.

Having said that, LeBron, I like you. I think you’re a phenomenal athlete, and believe one day that you will exceed Michael Jordan. I admire that you’re not a selfish player and that you get your teammates involved. Moreover, I know that you can’t win championships as an individual, but you are the dominating athlete in the NBA.

Fulfill your destiny!

There isn’t anything wrong with scoring 45 points in the Finals. You only had 18 points in Game 1 — that’s not you! Don’t feel a certain way about taking over a game! Don’t let the Heat’s back be against the wall for you to put up twenty some points in a half. You’re playing against Tim Duncan and Tony Parker; take these guys seriously!

Do what must be done, do not hesitate, and show no mercy. Take the lead and win your team to a second championship.

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