Toronto Raptors Rumors: Name and Uniform Change Would Do Organization Good

By Ryan Heckman


Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Thankfully for fans, the Toronto Raptors are undergoing major changes in hopes that they can become contenders in the Eastern Conference. Starting with management, Toronto is headed in the right direction. Underneath new president Masai Ujiri, the Raptors are considering changes that both include personnel as well as aspects of the organization far from the roster or coaches.

CEO Tim Leiweke has said recently that the team is considering changing their name from the Raptors to something different. Not only that, but he has admitted that they have mulled over the possibility of giving the entire appearance a face lift from the name, colors, logo and mascot.

I have to admit, the Raptors do have one of the most awesome mascots in basketball and it would be tough to go to a game in Toronto without seeing the velociraptor. But, maybe it will be for the better.

There are surely many changes to come, possibly starting with the attempt to get rid of Andrea Bargnani’s contract. But, in regards to the name and change in appearance it might do the organization good.

A fresh start all around would be a breath of fresh air. After all, right now when you see or hear anything about the Raptors you typically don’t get any feelings of excitement or intrigue. The least this move would do is create some excitement with the fans, which would more than likely lead to profit for the organization.

Ticket and apparel sales would most likely increase – at least that would be the hopes of both Ujiri and Leiweke. Of course, they will also need to assemble a halfway entertaining team in order to compete and attract more fans. In any event, change in this case could be for the positive and it appears Leiweke at least wants to give it a shot.

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