Brooklyn Nets Should Stay Away From Idea of Hiring Jason Kidd as Head Coach

By Paul Seaver
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

Over the weekend, a more-than-interesting rumor surfaced regarding the Brooklyn Nets and their vacancy at the head coaching position.

The name that was brought into questions was Jason Kidd.

Yes, the veteran NBA point guard who retired just a week ago. That’s the one.

According to a report that was first issued by Yahoo! Sports, Kidd is going to heavily pursue the Nets’ coaching position and at this point there appears to be a sense of “mutual interest.”

Kidd retired from the NBA after 19 seasons, finishing his career with the New York Knicks, but he has spent time in the past with the Nets’ organization. As you can tell — he has no prior coaching experience having just recently retired from playing.

Details aside, here’s the bottom line — the Nets would be crazy to pursue Kidd as a head coach just one week after he announced his retirement. Now don’t get me wrong, Kidd can be a great NBA coach, there’s no doubt about that, but talk about getting thrown directly into the fire.

The Nets have a lineup that earned the No. 4 seed in the Eastern Conference this past season, but they still need another to take another step forward. It starts with the head coaching position — Kidd could be a fine hire, but more so as an assistant considering the simple fact that he just retired.

Brian Shaw and Lionel Hollins have been some of the other notable names linked to the Nets’ vacancy and those should be the potential candidates that remain in the forefront. If Kidd wants to coach in Brooklyn, bring him on, but in a position where he can learn and not be thrown into the fire.


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