Brooklyn Nets: Would Jason Kidd be a Mistake as Head Coach?

By Christopher Gamble
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There is no question Jason Kidd changed the entire culture of basketball with the now-Brooklyn Nets. He is arguably the best player the Nets have ever had and he will remain an icon for Nets fans even after the move from New Jersey to Brooklyn. This is what happens when you take a franchise notorious for losing and take them to the NBA Finals twice. Another thing that can happen is that iconic players tend to be considered for coaching jobs and with the Nets bench currently empty the recently retired Kidd has thrown his hat into the ring.

There are a few things to consider if the Nets are serious about hiring Kidd. He is a Hall of Fame player on the court but off the court his decision making has been severely lacking as evidenced by his 2001 arrest for domestic abuse and his July 2012 arrest for driving while intoxicated in New York. Is this to say Kidd is a bad person and doesn’t deserve a shot at coaching in the NBA? Not at all. He could turn out to be a fantastic coach and he does have an extremely high basketball IQ.

The biggest hang-up is Kidd’s ability to lead impressionable, young players to make the right decisions and whether his advice and leadership would even be heeded. There are instances of coaches making wrong decisions but not losing the support or the team. The Texas Rangers are the most recent example after it was discovered manager Ron Washington relapsed and used cocaine while managing the Rangers. However, Washington had some collateral to use and that was the fact that the Rangers went to the World Series for the first time under his leadership.

Can Kidd lead an NBA team from the bench? Perhaps. However, for a team like the Nets, this isn’t like hiring Doc Rivers or Mark Jackson, two former players that enjoyed success as head coaches. The Nets would be bringing in an icon who made his mark with their team and expectations are already high for the Nets after bringing back Deron Williams and bringing in Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson.

I could be very wrong about Kidd. He could be the perfect coach for the Nets, a guy who has reached the Finals with this team and won a championship with the Dallas Mavericks and who knows how to play the game of basketball. The Nets would be silly not to at least interview Kidd if he is interested. Whether or not Kidd would be a good hire is another story. Even though Kidd threw his hat in the ring it is still believed that Brian Shaw is the Nets’ first choice.

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