Detroit Pistons Need To Give Maurice Cheeks More Than 2 Years As Coach

By John Raffel
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Maurice Cheeks has become the 29th coach in Detroit Pistons history and the eighth in the past 14 NBA seasons, the main debate will be how many years he’ll make it with the team, considering that president Joe Dumars usually pulls the switch on a coach after two years, regardless of his record.

Occasionally, Dumars gives a coach three years but usually it’s two. A couple of times, it’s only been one year.

The Pistons wouldn’t mind it if Cheeks is able to stay a much longer time than other coaches. He may have taken the team over at a much more desirable time than his last three predecessors.

The Pistons have a solid core of players with Andre Drummond, Brandon Knight and Greg Monroe. There are several other players that show promise. Cheeks will have to work with Dumars in figuring out which players to keep and which ones to bring in for a good supporting cast.

But Cheeks’ more important job is showing his young player how to consistently perform to high NBA standards. That’s something the Pistons haven’t seen in the past five seasons in which times they have had losing records.

Knight and Monroe, in particular, have great nights but also have some bad ones. Cheeks needs to show his best players how to minimize those each season. Cheeks needs to show the young players how to mentally and physically prepare for an 82-game schedule so they’re ready to give 100 percent and deliver all the time.

It won’t be easy but that’s the job Cheeks has been given to do. If he wants to stay more than two years, he’s going to have to get the job done.


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