Indiana Pacers Forward Danny Granger Understands the Business of the NBA

By Paul Seaver
Mark Zerof-USA Today Sports

The Indiana Pacers had an incredible run here in 2013, coming within one game of the NBA Finals before falling in a Game 7. A big part of the team’s success this past season was the emergence of both Paul George and Lance Stephenson and ironically enough, Indiana found themselves despite the injury-plagued season of Danny Granger.

Sure, the debate would rage on and on — would the Pacers have advanced further had Granger been healthy. But consider this, would the Pacers have had the success that they did if it wasn’t for the play of both George and Stephenson on the wing? Probably not. It’s a bittersweet situation and Granger understands that.

“I’ve been here my whole career. I look at things objectively, and it’s very rare for a player to stay with a team his whole career. It just don’t happen. So when the trade talks come, you can say, okay, it’s my time to go. I love the organization and I had a great time here [but] we understand it’s a business,” Granger told‘s David Aldridge recently.

It’s a tough situation obviously and Granger still has one year remaining on his current deal with the Pacers. However, Indiana appears set on being where they want to be and making the plausible moves to take this team to the next level is what the organization must do. It appears Granger would love to come back for Indiana, but it also appears that he is ready for a new chapter, if necessary.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are one team that have been linked to Granger already, and more are sure to come as the summer months arrive.


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