Kobe Bryant's Mom Admits Defeat: Black Mamba Wins Memorabilia Battle

By Devin O'Barr
Kobe Bryant
Richard Mackson – USA TODAY SPORTS

Considering that the last time Kobe Bryant walked out of a court room it was with little-to-no respect, his latest court battle went pretty well. In case you missed it, the Black Mamba sued Goldin Auctions under the assumption that his mom was in cahoots with the company to unlawfully sell a few of his items.

Of course, the demand for No. 24 memorabilia is always high, so who can blame Pamela Bryant for trying to make a quick buck?

I can.

Who in their right mind would try to make even more money off of their millionaire son? I guess providing Pamela a life free of troubles was simply not enough. In no way shape or form can Pamela or Kobe’s dad, Joe Bryant, be excused for such a greedy act.

Luckily, the judge agreed with me as 90% of the items that Bryant’s parents were planning on selling won’t go to auction later this month. The photo below shows the plethora of unique memorabilia that will — the rings were gifted from Kobe to his father and are in honor of the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA title in 2000.

Kobe Bryant Jersey's
Courtesy of Goldin Auctions

Bryant has enough on his plate while rehabbing from a torn Achilles, so the added stress from his parents of all people is sickening. Either way, the Bryant family will still make some more money off of their son when the above items head to auction on June 17th. A parting quote from Pamela shows just how disgusting this whole saga actually was:

“We apologize for any misunderstanding and unintended pain we have caused our son and appreciate the financial support he has provided over the years.”

Sure, Pam.

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