NBA Finals 2013: If Miami Heat Win Title, Why Would They Even Consider Trading Chris Bosh?

By Paul Seaver
Steve Mitchell-USA Today Sports

On Sunday night, the Miami Heat evened their series with the San Antonio Spurs at one game apiece, steamrolling through the second half with a big-time run and advantage.

Prior to the game on Sunday however, one rumor in particular grabbed a bit of attention and it circulated around one member of the Heat’s infamous “Big Three” — Chris Bosh. A report from the Boston Globe indicated that the Charlotte Bobcats, who hold the No. 4 overall pick in this June’s draft, may be interested in swapping the pick to grab a headline player. The name in connection was Bosh.

Now first off, Bosh has seemingly played him way directly into this exact position that is being suggested. He has virtually been unable to keep up with his portion of the bargain and the criticism surrounding him has brought about these trade rumors. Charlotte can take on the deal for Bosh if they so choose, but is this really the best move for a Bobcats’ organization that has continuously found themselves within the upper portion of the lottery?

First off, let’s go back to the situation at hand. The Heat are preparing for Game 3 of the NBA Finals and a three-game road stand in San Antonio is what their only focus is. If Miami claims the title this year, that would be back-to-back NBA rings for the Heat — isn’t that the point of assembling the Big Three? To win championships right?

Even if the team is considering a move for Bosh on draft night, the timetable would be tricky. Win or lose, would the Heat really make a decision regarding Bosh in less than two weeks?

Well regardless, the team’s biggest weakness is down low and Bosh has no argument, he has struggled in games when the team has needed others to step up the most recently, but what would trading your biggest headline name in an already weak front court do? Nothing.

This rumor is one thing and frankly, it probably wouldn’t work out well for Charlotte either.

Miami is focused on the NBA Finals and that should be all.


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