Los Angeles Clippers Should Hire Lionel Hollins

By John Raffel
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Denver Nuggets and Memphis Grizzlies have made the Los Angeles Clipperscoaching search so much easier.

All the Clippers have to do is decide if they want George Karl, complements of the Nuggets, or if they prefer Lionel Hollins, thanks to the Grizzles. Both men are superb coaches and would work out well with the Clippers. Both teams have excellent players, but need the right coaches making the right calls at the right time.

The announcement that the Grizzlies aren’t bringing back Hollins as head coach gives the Clippers an excellent candidate. Unlike Karl, this is a candidate who has more success in winning NBA playoff series. Some coaches seem to have problems winning NBA playoff series, but not Hollins.

The Clippers should stop the process right now and offer Hollins the job that he is obviously qualified for immediately. He would also be a good bargaining chip in trying to keep Chris Paul in Clipper country. Hollins is a solid coach. Issues that he encountered in Memphis will have to be resolved in Los Angeles. But regardless, the Clippers have found their man. They should offer Hollins whatever it takes to get him in their fold, since other teams are also looking for a coach. It’s not easy being a coach in Los Angeles and being the skipper with the Clippers.

But the players are in place to make a strong title run next season and that factor would seem to be very appealing to Hollins. He obviously wants to coach a team to a title.

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