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Patrick Ewing Joins Michael Jordan on Charlotte Bobcats

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You might remember back in the 1990s when Patrick Ewing‘s New York Knicks battled Michael Jordan‘s Chicago Bulls in various playoff series, where both stars had their shining moments. Ewing vs. Jordan was an intense rivalry, but now, the two will be joining forces in Charlotte as Ewing has agreed to become the Charlotte Bobcats Associate Head Coach.

Jordan has been the majority owner and a chairman of the Bobcats for a few years now, and it hasn’t necessarily worked out for the former NBA legend. Charlotte posted a disappointing 7-59 record last season, which was the worst winning percentage (.106) of all-time.

Jordan may not be able to make the Bobcats a .500 team by himself, so the addition of Ewing to the coaching staff may help. Ewing does have coaching experience with the Washington Wizards, Houston Rockets, and Orlando Magic in the past as an assistant, and even though those jobs may have not worked out, it doesn’t necessarily make Ewing a bad coach.

Ewing obviously has a high basketball IQ as he was such a talented player in his career as a player, so hopefully he can bring that to the Bobcats organization. We all know they could certainly use someone that knows what they’re doing.

All in all, I think and hope this thing works out. Charlotte’s poor seasons may not have been all Jordan’s fault even though he takes the majority of the blame. No matter how good of a player you were and how NBA smart you are, you can’t run a team by yourself. Jordan probably doesn’t have many people around him that are useful to an NBA team and that causes problems.

Ewing should be a blessing to the Bobcats, but that organization may curse just another coach like we all know it has in the past.

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