Amare Stoudemire Has Been Given a Free Pass by New York Knicks Fans

By Ethan Kaplan
Anthony Grupposo-USA Today Sports

Amare Stoudemire has been a very lucky man.  He may not have been a lucky man health-wise or championship-wise, but he is indeed very lucky. This is because many New York Knicks fans have given him a free pass. Although many individuals do not want to accept it, Stoudemire has been a failure for the Knicks so far. He has had bouts of greatness, but mostly underachieved on the court and has been injury-prone. This all begs the question, why are we avoiding the topic?

When Stoudemire is not active because of an injury (which is more often than not), fans and media outlets usually discuss when he will return so he will be able to contribute to the team. This is definitely a legitimate concern for any injured player who is supposed to be a superstar on your team. However, at this point, it’s time to look at the big picture.  He has not contributed at all to the team’s chances of winning a championship. This pattern of injuries and inconsistent play has simply gone on for too long.

Many people will talk about how it is not his fault because he has simply been injured too often. This is part of the problem, however. What good is having a so-called superstar player on your team if he is injured all the time?

The Suns’ doctors were right on the money here. They knew the knee was an issue. The Knicks’ brass were itching to give the fans a superstar, though. Their superstar arrived and has been a disappointment. With his current contract, however, he will be here awhile.  It has been said that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere. Stoudemire still has some time.

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