Boston Celtics Rumors: Doc Rivers Reportedly Believes "It May Be Time For a Change"

By Paul Seaver
Debby Wong-USA Today Sports

At some point in the coming weeks the domino effect that will be the Boston Celtics‘ off-season will begin.

From the uncertainty surrounding Kevin Garnett to the decision-making that must be done in regards to Paul Pierce, the headline name in their off-season discussion has actually become head coach Doc Rivers.

According to a tweet from SportsCenter on Wednesday morning, ESPN‘s Chris Broussard is reporting the Rivers believes that “it may be time for a change” in Boston:

Of course that’s all that there is to this quote and rumor, a simple tweet that credits sources. With that being said, a decision will surely be coming soon enough and there’s been plenty of talk regarding Rivers and his status over the past few weeks. Some originally hinted that he’d surely be back. Now however, that appears in jeopardy. It’s probably best to ride the rumors and wait until a formal announcement comes from Boston.

Who really knows what Rivers is thinking? It’s clear that he doesn’t want to be apart of another rebuilding process, but with that being said there still hasn’t been any decision regarding Garnett or Pierce. Rivers would feel pretty awkward if he walked and Garnett and Pierce came back for one more run.

It’s a who-knows situation at this point though, but if Rivers leaves Boston and Garnett retires should the Celtics just do that whole Jason Kidd Brooklyn Nets strategy and hire Garnett has head coach? I’m kidding of course, but if Mr. Broussard is right in what his sources are saying about Rivers, the Celtics could be in the market for a new head coach.

All that aside however, Rivers is still the coach in Boston, so let’s hold tight until something formally suggests otherwise.


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