Is Doc Rivers Leaning Towards Leaving?

By Shannon Brown
Doc Rivers Head Coach of the Boston Celtics
Mark L. Baer-USA Today Sports

ESPN reporter Chris Broussard confirmed that he has heard from sources that Doc Rivers may leave the Boston Celtics. Broussard quoted Rivers as saying, “It may be time for a change.” He also said that its very possible that Rivers could return for another season with the Celtics, but currently it remains unclear.

The Celtics are headed into another rebuilding phase, and Rivers may not want to be a part of that again. If he were to leave the Celtics, Rivers would have plenty of opportunities whether its going back to broadcasting or coaching for a contending team. The Los Angeles Clippers have been linked to Rivers and he would certainly shoot to the top of their list.

The Brooklyn Nets have been linked to Rivers as well, but they appear to be close with Jason Kidd. The Nets are still interviewing coaches despite the reports to Kidd, and Rivers would most likely shoot to the top of their list.

The Clippers and Nets wanted to interview Rivers last month, but Danny Ainge denied permission for the teams to interview Rivers. Doc and Ainge have a close relationship, and if Rivers wants to leave, Ainge would grant Rivers request.  With Doc gone, this would be the first domino for the Celtics to drop, and could lead to players like Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to walk away.

It could also lead to Rajon Rondo being dealt, and then the Celtics will be in full rebuilding mode.

As a Celtics’ fan, I would hate to see Doc go.  He has been great for the city of Boston, but there does come a time when people move on.  The Celtics time as an NBA contender is over, and they have a lot of problems that need addressing.  If Ainge were to trade Pierce and Rondo, he could get draft picks in return, and maybe the Celtics will be back in a couple of years.

It would be unfair to ask Rivers to go through another rebuilding phase and it would be tough seeing him coach another team, but all good things must come to an end sometimes.

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