Los Angeles Clippers Looking At Byron Scott As New Coach

By John Raffel
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Byron Scott appears to have emerged as the leading candidate for the Los Angeles Clippers coaching spot.

But one must wonder what Scott can add to a franchise that really needs more of a take charge person who can truly give the team a breath of fresh air. Scott is just another recycled coach, who was fired by the Cleveland Cavaliers and would seem to offer the Clippers nothing in exchange for their previous decision to fire Vinny Del Negro.

Scott has already had three NBA coaching jobs and his record is 416-521. He didn’t exactly turn the world on fire with the Cavaliers, although the talent base there wasn’t much to brag about. His previous work with the New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets was impressive.

But what will Scott offer the Clippers, and especially their star player Chris Paul?

Scott’s main job would be to take the Clippers to the playoffs with enough momentum that the squad can make a long playoff run.

But looking at his resume, Scott has had problems getting the job done in the postseason, although two of his Nets teams did make it to the NBA Finals early in his coaching career. Scott was a hot commodity at one time. In recent seasons, including with the Hornets, he had problems taking a good regular season team very far in the playoffs.

One must wonder if Scott is the answer for the Clippers or if someone else like Brian Shaw would do a better job.  There’s one way of finding out.

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