San Antonio Spurs Provide Blueprint for Orlando Magic

By Christian Tamayo
Spurs v Magic
Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The San Antonio Spurs have been a model of consistency for over a decade now, and there aren’t many franchises that can match their level of success over that span. They had David Robinson passing the torch to Tim Duncan, and now we’re seeing Duncan passing the torch to Tony Parker.

The selflessness the people involved in the franchise have shown is something to be admired in these days. Duncan has had as good of a career as any power forward/center in the history of the game, but does it not seem like we can go months without hearing about him? He’s the rare superstar who cares more about his team than his own stat lines at the end of the game.

You’ve also got to love the way the Spurs operate as an organization, and the Orlando Magic have a real shot at successfully emulating their model of success. Magic GM Rob Hennigan has worked for the Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder in the past, and he is already bringing those principles he learned to Orlando.

San Antonio is one of the smallest markets in the league along with Oklahoma City, and the Spurs have been perennial title contenders for what seems like 20 years now while the Thunder are starting to open a dominant present and future themselves.

What do they have in common from a purely basketball standpoint? The NBA Draft. You take a look at the Spurs’ roster and they took all their cornerstone players like Duncan, Parker, and Manu Ginobli in the draft. Drafting well is crucial for the smaller market teams, and with Hennigan using the principles he’s been taught, the future in Orlando is looking as bright as ever.

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