2013 NBA Draft: Allen Crabbe Would Be Good Draft Pick For Indiana Pacers

By John Raffel
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Allen Crabbe is expected to be an early pick in the NBA draft and the Indiana Pacers should very seriously consider drafting the talented 6-foot-6 prospect.

Crabbe is projected to go mid to late-second round, when the Pacers will be picking. He had a quiet offseason since he’s not expected to be drafted early, but it will pick up in a hurry when he finds out which NBA team has selected him. In his junior season, Crabbe averaged 36.2 minutes, 18.4 points, 6.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists and 1.1 steals per game. He shot 45.9 percent from the floor, 34.8 in 3-pointers and 81.3 in free throws.

What the Pacers and other teams like about Crabbe is his shooting ability. He’s able to score at will sometimes. He’s an excellent shooter with deep range and is considered a good defensive player.

Consistency is one thing that concerns teams about him. They want someone who is going to deliver something on a regular basis, and they don’t need a hot-and-cold player. The Pacers wouldn’t want Crabbe to fall into that mold.

He has raw talent, but can be a very good NBA player with some fine-tuning. Indiana came very close to making the NBA Finals and perhaps lost it by not having as much bench depth as the Miami Heat since it came down to seven games. Crabbe could develop into a reliable shooter, even if in a reserve role.

The Pacers need more shooting depth and Crabbe would help them greatly in that respect. If he’s available when it’s their turn to pick, the Pacers should select him.

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