2013 NBA Draft: If Minnesota Timberwolves Move to Number 2, Ben McLemore is a Must

By Ryan Heckman
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Dating back to about a week or so ago, there have been rumors of the Minnesota Timberwolves trading with the Orlando Magic in order to obtain their number two overall pick. The likely target for the Wolves was said to be shooting guard Victor Oladipo out of Indiana. However, with the number two overall pick the Wolves would be foolish to make that selection.

While Oladipo will be a great player and is a top-5 selection in the draft, the Wolves could choose an even better prospect. If they indeed move up to the number two spot in this year’s NBA Draft, they must take Ben McLemore, shooting guard out of Kansas.

The trade rumor involved third year forward Derrick Williams from the Wolves heading to Orlando along with their number nine overall pick in exchange for the second overall selection. If I am a Wolves fan, I don’t mind this deal.

Williams should eventually be a decent player in the league, but not as a starter. His talents are more suited to be a role player, at this point. Coming out of Arizona, everyone was high on his all-around ability and exciting style of play. So far with the Wolves, we haven’t seen the consistency from him we thought we would.

With McLemore, the Wolves get an instant starter and a great one at that. He would give Minnesota scoring and a much more exciting offense. With point guard Ricky Rubio at the helm and forward Kevin Love in the paint, McLemore would fill in that wing area nicely and give the Wolves some balance across the lineup.

McLemore has great size and would have the ability to defend other shooting guards unlike Luke Ridnour, who spent most his time at that spot last year. Most agree that he is easily a top-2 pick and some even guess the Cleveland Cavaliers could grab him at number one overall. If that happens, and assuming the deal goes through, this entire trade just became a lot more interesting.

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