2013 NBA Finals: Can Miami Heat Get Back To Themselves?

By Richard Nurse
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat are only down a game. But after Tuesday night’s loss, fans were left to wonder what they could do to get their team back. Couple that with the fact that it was by 36 point and you have the makings for what felt like a series ending loss — if not a confidence killer.

But what can Miami do to get back on their game?

For starters, they can get back to their identity and be more committed to defense. It’s what they had become known for. Their wins and fast breaks were all predicated on getting into the passing lanes and putting bodies on shooters.

However, they seemed to forget all about that in Game 2, when they gave up a NBA Finals record 16 three-pointers to the San Antonio Spurs. It was their “bipolar play” at its best — then it spread to their offense.

Nevertheless, Miami can solve that problem if they can get LeBron James in his comfort zone.

Setting screens and getting in the post is where he found his most success because it plays to his ability to score or distribute to cutters and open shooters. But he has to move quickly. Indecisiveness becomes a positive for the Spurs’ version of a box-and-one defense.

The slower James moves, the more opponent’s eyes focus on him. It soon turns into 10 eyes on one man — giving every other Miami player a chance to beat them. Or at least try.

There’s only so many games that you can depend on Mario Chalmers to win for you though. Maybe that’s why the rumors are that Mike Miller might be stepping into the starting lineup tonight to space the floor for James and Dwyane Wade.

When all else fails, you make adjustments and hope desperation gives you a little push. Trust me, Miami’s fans are hoping harder than the rest of them.

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