2013 NBA Playoffs: Miami Heat's LeBron James Vows To Be Much Better In Game 4

By Jared Doyle
Soobum Im- USA Today Sports

With the Miami Heat being steamrolled on Tuesday night 113-77 by the San Antonio Spurs, LeBron James has made a vow going into Game 4 of the NBA Finals.

“As dark as it was last night, it can’t get no darker than that, especially for me,”  James said to Michael Wallace of ESPN Wednesday before the Heat’s practice at the AT&T Center.

“So I guarantee I’ll be better for tomorrow (Game 4) for sure. I have to do whatever it takes. I mean, 7 for 21 isn’t going to cut it. It’s impossible for me to go 7 for 21, shoot 33 percent from the field and not have free throws. You have to figure out ways offensively that you can make an impact.”

 Throughout this entire series, it has been apparent that the defense schemes the Spurs are implementing have really affected the reigning MVP’s game. Through the first three games of the NBA Finals, James is shooting 38.9 percent from the field and is averaging just 16.7 points, 12.3 rebounds and 7.3 assists.

These may be great numbers for any other player in the league, but with the way James has had to carry this team through the Eastern Conference playoffs, these numbers wont be good enough on his own in the Finals. James either needs to have a few monster games down the stretch, or the rest of the “Big Three” needs to show up and play the way they were during that 27-game winning streak.

James will need to start the beginning of Game 4 aggressively to in order to hold true to his vow of having more of an impact. He will need to post up every opportunity he gets, and when he is given space for the shot, he needs to take the opportunity to drive and throw his body into the paint. He will get fouled, and more often than not get the call. Not shooting a single free throw in Game 3 is not a winning formula.

LeBron James already knows he is the best player on the planet, now he just needs to play like it.

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