Boston Celtics Flashback: 2010 NBA Draft

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Avery Bradley
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge has clearly shown throughout his tenure with the organization that he knows how to draft young talent, especially near the latter half of the first round. During the past six years, the organization has consistently been picking near the end of the first round, which is a result of winning at a high level. The key to being successful in the NBA is hitting on some of those later picks. As was the case with the Rajon Rondo draft pick, the 2010 NBA Draft led to another outstanding selection: shooting guard Avery Bradley.

Once upon a time, Bradley was rated as the no. 1 high school recruit in the country and ultimately chose to attend Texas under head coach Rick Barnes. He left after his freshman season, still a somewhat surprising decision as he was clearly a player who could have used more seasoning at the college level. The Celtics pounced on the opportunity to select him, as upside guys like him usually do not last until the 19th pick. Even if they missed on Bradley, it wouldn’t have been damaging, as they were not picking him with say a top-ten pick. You can take more risks near the end of the first round because the financial investment isn’t nearly as large.

The Bradley draft pick was a great choice by Ainge, and he has become a valuable piece for the organization. His career started off very slowly as he basically took a redshirt season in year one. He has turned it on ever since, and his future appears quite bright in this league.

The 2010 NBA Draft was another high point in the managing career of Ainge.

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