Boston Celtics Need Huge Hall In Return For Doc Rivers

By Rob Lunder
Boston Celtics, Doc Rivers
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Boston Celtics have quite the situation on their hands: they still do not have a clear idea if current head coach Doc Rivers will return to the franchise or decide to take a leave of absence. Recently, however, new talk has emerged that he has an interest in possibly coaching with another franchise, perhaps the Los Angeles Clippers.

The frustrating part on the Celtics’ end is that Rivers has to be the first domino to fall in terms of clearing up their future for not only next season, but beyond. If Rivers leaves, then the fates of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett will clearly be decided. There is no way they will return if Rivers leaves, and it seems rather slim, regardless, that they will be back even if Rivers does return. It has been reported that the head coach does not have any interest in going through another rebuilding period with the franchise.

If the Celtics allow Rivers to hook on with another NBA franchise, they better make sure they get a nice compensation package in return. The coach clearly has value around the league, and there is no reason that the organization can’t get a package of draft picks or a young player back in return. From the Clippers, the obvious start would be point guard Eric Bledsoe, but it seems rather unlikely the Clippers would be willing to deal him for a coach. A package of draft picks seems like the likely option, an option that would make sense to help the Celtics rebuild.

Rivers is a highly sought after individual this offseason, and his future is still very cloudy.

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