Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd Will Now Look For Deron Williams To Be Like Him

By Paul Seaver
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

You should know the story by now — Jason Kidd retired from the NBA just last week and on Thursday afternoon, the Brooklyn Nets introduced him as the newest head coach.

With no coaching experience under his belt and no real time to sit back and truly enjoy his retirement, Kidd is onto his next challenge after spending 19 seasons on the NBA hardwood. As obvious speculation would indicate, Kidd needs to assemble a strong supporting staff, one that can be mixed with tons of experience and allow him to grow as a coach.

On Thursday however, the Nets held their introductory press conference for Kidd and starting point guard Deron Williams was in attendance. Obviously the two have played against each other in the past, but now a different relationship will spawn up.

During his introduction, Kidd touched upon the experience factor in being named the Nets’ new head coach, stating, “I have a lot to learn about coaching. But when I played the game, I looked at myself as an extension of the coach. And now I look at Deron to be that guy.”

Kidd is stating the obvious here, but for Williams, this could be a true blessing in disguise. Not all players in the NBA, especially stars, get the opportunity to play for a Hall of Fame-caliber player that is fresh off a retirement. There’s no doubt that the connection between Kidd and Williams will be amongst the best within the organization. In fact, Williams was front and center on Thursday at Kidd’s introductory press conference.

Kidd also admitted on Thursday that the idea of coaching came earlier in the month, just days before he actually announced his retirement.

Here’s to hoping Kidd can get the best out of Williams and the Nets moving forward — who knows, maybe his best playing days are still ahead of him now that Kidd has taken the reigns alongside the sideline.


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