Brooklyn Nets Must Expect Learning Curve With Jason Kidd

By Devin O'Barr
Jason Kidd with Deron Williams
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

I have been the biggest critic when it comes to the way the Brooklyn Nets handle their business, but in light of the Jason Kidd hire I’m entitled to rip them however I please.

With that being said, the Kidd move is getting bashed harder than it should. Sure, he isn’t even two weeks removed from retirement, but the key in this relationship is going to be the leash that Brooklyn general manager Billy King gives to his new head coach.

If history repeats itself, then the future doesn’t look very bright for Kidd.

In the last 20 years, the Nets have featured 10 different head coaches with only two of them lasting longer than four years with the club. Now that Brooklyn has heightened expectations and a grossly-overpaid roster, the leash for Kidd is likely shorter than previous coaches. This isn’t good news for a guy who hasn’t coached on any level in his life — it’s important for rookie head coaches in the NBA to have some room to grow, but that isn’t the case in Brooklyn.

The reason a team hires a fan favorite like Kidd, other than to sell tickets of course, is to hopefully snag an up-and-coming head coach before other NBA teams can notice his great abilities. With that being said, the Nets will have to live with a rough season or two from Kidd as he isn’t a seasoned head coach and won’t be for some time.

Brooklyn’s reputation as a backwards-run franchise will continue if they nix Kidd after only a year or two, but I don’t see the Nets’ coach lasting longer than two seasons with this overrated Nets roster and impatient front office.

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