NBA Finals Game 4: Will LeBron James Let Metta World Peace Drama Affect Him?

By Devin O'Barr
LeBron James and Metta World Peace
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Whenever Metta World Peace opens his mouth, NBA fans lose brain cells.

His latest comments surrounding the Miami Heat and LeBron James in particular are incredibly ignorant and dramatic. With the Heat just three wins away from capturing a second straight NBA title, World Peace thought it necessary to rain on the James’ parade. Here is the Los Angeles Lakers‘ small forward talking about his ties to the James’ family:

 “[LeBron’s] pops went to jail with my older brother. My brother spent 10 years in jail, they were locked up together.”

Well, if you were looking for something to make your day even more confusing, it’s safe to say you found it. The joke here is definitely the fact that the person formerly known as Ron Artest is getting his kicks off of making up rumors involving James. Meanwhile, the Heat are on center stage and the Lakers are laughably out of the postseason.

However, if the motive for World Peace is to get into LeBron’s head, then MWP may just succeed. Remember when the Delonte West saga was blamed for James’ awful play in his last series with the Cleveland Cavaliers?

With a championship ring to prove it, James has matured since 2011, yet the worry that LeBron’s focus is on something other than basketball is alive and well. If the San Antonio Spurs can steamroll the Heat again in Game 4 then the speculation will fly on whether or not Peace really did get under the Akron native’s rather thin skin.

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