Should Houston Rockets Pursue Paul Millsap in 2013 NBA Free Agency?

By Michael Terrill
Should Houston Rockets Pursue Paul Millsap in 2013 NBA Free Agency
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

There is no question the Houston Rockets are prepared to make a big splash during the 2013 NBA free agency. Whether the organization will be able to lure one of the top names to Houston is unknown, but one thing is for sure, the Rockets must acquire a big man in order to go deep in the playoffs next season. One player in particular that would get the job done is power forward Paul Millsap.

Millsap is one of the big men in the NBA that consistently flies under the radar despite putting up solid numbers every season. In 2012-13 with the Utah Jazz, he averaged 14.6 points, 7.1 rebounds, 2.6 assists, 1.0 blocks and 1.3 steals in 30.4 minutes per game. He also managed to convert 49.0 percent of his shots from the field and 33.3 percent from beyond the arc (less than one attempt per game).

The 28-year-old is a force to be reckoned with on offense and can clear the boards like nobody’s business. Pairing him up with center Omer Asik would be a scary thought for any one of Houston’s foes. Both players dominate in the paint, but more importantly, they are above-average rebounders. Having Millsap and Asik around to haul in rebounds would give the Rockets an awesome advantage that opposing teams could not mess with.

To put Millsap in the same lineup as James Harden, Chandler Parsons and Jeremy Lin would make Houston legitimate contenders in the Western Conference for years to come. Harden and Lin in particular enjoy running the pick-and-roll, which is something Millsap can perform effectively. Not to mention, his threat in the middle will give the perimeter shooters an advantage.

Even though the Rockets have other players in mind they would like to acquire, I believe the organization would be insane to pass up the chance to sign Millsap.

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