Team USA Honors Kemba Walker With Invitation to Mini-Camp

By John Raffel
Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Kemba Walker has demonstrated how much respect he is getting from across the NBA despite his team, the Charlotte Bobcats, having a 21-61 season.

Walker had a great season himself for the Bobcats and was recognized on Wednesday when it was announced that he’s among the 27 NBA players invited to Las Vegas for a Team USA minicamp July 22-25.

This camp is intended to give young NBA players, like Walker, a chance to work their way into being considered for the next USA Olympic team.

Walker completed his second season for the Bobcats by averaging 17.7 points, which ranks 22nd in the NBA and 5.7 assists which ranks 25th. He’s certainly setting himself up for a great NBA career.

It’s hard to say how much success Walker will have in this tryout process. But he should not be underrated. Walker showed how aggressive he can be with the Bobcats and he’s likely to show even more in his latest opportunity.

He’ll be bidding for a point guard spot, but will have a lot of competition from talented players across the NBA. There’s plenty of outstanding and young point guards across the country. Walker is among them, as was demonstrated with this invitation.

It goes to how much respect Walker has gained from the NBA in after only two professional seasons. Walker has plenty of talent as he has demonstrated in his short NBA tenure, and he’s received recognition from Team USA as a result. Don’t be surprised if he goes a long way in the tryout process.


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