Why Are Washington Wizards Working Out Mason Plumlee?

By Michael Terrill
Why Are Washington Wizards Working Out Mason Plumlee
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Many have questioned why the Washington Wizards are working out power forward Mason Plumlee when he is considered to be a mid-to-late first-round draft selection. Considering the Wizards have the 3rd, 38th and 54th picks in the 2013 NBA Draft, it does not seem likely they will get a chance to select him. With that being said, one reason Washington is working him out is because they are planning on trading back into the first round to draft him.

It is no secret that several teams, such as the Dallas Mavericks, are trying to trade away their mid-first round pick in order to get some solid compensation. The reason for this is because the 2013 draft class is not one with much depth, which means the 13th overall selection may not carry as much weight this year as it has in years past.

With that being said, a team that needs to make tremendous strides by drafting young talent may consider acquiring multiple picks in the first round in order to take a stab at a superstar. Depending on whom the Wizards draft with the third overall pick, Washington could also trade up to select Plumlee.

The 6’11”, 238-pound power forward dominates around the basket, which is where a majority of his scoring takes place. He also is an above-average rebounder who brings a lot of energy to the position. The fact that Plumlee would thoroughly enjoy playing in Washington just adds to the discussion that the Wizards are very serious about finding a way to acquire him. Not to mention, he is willing to play either power forward or center, whichever coaches prefer.

“I’m just a player, so it comes down to what a coach wants, who the other players are,” Plumlee said, according to the Washington Post. “I think it’s valuable in that I can play both. A guy gets hurt at center, I can slide over. If we have a big guy like Nene, I can play the four, so I’m very confident in being able to do both.”

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