Will Larry Drew Bring Back Any Assistant Coaches for Milwaukee Bucks?

By Michael Terrill
Will Larry Drew Bring Back Any Assistant Coaches for Milwaukee Bucks
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The assumption was that all of the assistant coaches for the Milwaukee Bucks would be let go once the organization hired their new head coach. Larry Drew made the assumption a reality when assistants Joe Wolf, Sidney Moncrief, Chris Gilmartin, Bill Peterson and Anthony Goldwire were told they would not be a part of the Bucks going forward.

It should not come as a surprise to anyone that Milwaukee fired all of the coaches. For one, the Bucks were not getting much accomplished over the past few years, unless of course getting swept as an eighth seed in the Eastern Conference counts for something. Not to mention, any head coach that comes to a team that has not had a lot of success lately is going to want to bring in his own guys.

I personally wondered which assistants Drew might consider keeping on his staff. Obviously, I knew that none of them really had a legitimate shot considering the state of the team, but some of the coaches are very good at their job. However, the fact that none of the assistant coaches thought they would return should answer anyone’s question on the matter.

Moncrief, who is a legend in Milwaukee from his playing days, has been an assistant for the Bucks the past two seasons. He was certain that there was no way he would return to the Bucks under Drew, which means his days coaching could be done.

“We’re gone,” Moncrief said, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “We’re toast.

“I anticipated with the coaching change he would want to bring in his own staff, so I’m not totally surprised.”

Moncrief believed the team had plenty of potential, but he also agreed that the players did not perform as well as the coaches had hoped. In the end, the coaches and players are both at fault for the dismal performances the past few seasons.

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