Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams and Jason Kidd’s Relationship Must Be Flawless

By Michael Terrill
Brooklyn Nets’ Deron Williams and Jason Kidd’s Relationship Must Be Flawless
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It is clear the main reason why the Brooklyn Nets hired Jason Kidd over Brian Shaw to be the next head coach was because of his relationship with point guard Deron Williams. The Nets belong to Williams, it his team to lead to the promise land. That means that in order for Brooklyn to reach new heights, Williams and Kidd’s relationship must be flawless.

It may be an obvious statement to be made, and humorous to some considering how close the two men are. However, the fact is Williams and Kidd may be very similar players on the court, but it will be how they handle their new relationship that could make or break the Nets. It is one thing for big brother to help little brother while lining up next to each other in the backcourt, but now that Kidd is the head coach, things could be different.

It was all smiles at Kidd’s press conference on Thursday. Williams was sitting in the front row beaming with excitement because the man he has idolized for a long time will now be his coach.

“It’s exciting for this organization and me personally,” Williams said, according to USA Today Sports. “I grew up watching him, trying to emulate him, trying to learn from him.”

Every fan in Brooklyn has a reason to be excited because Kidd has a very high basketball IQ and has proven that by the way he has led several teams over the years. With that being said, what happens if the Nets do not do as good as everyone hoped? What if the team goes on a losing skid and the players look to Kidd as the problem? There is a good chance this will not happen, but there is certainly a reason to believe that it could, especially since this is Kidd’s first coaching job.

The great relationship between the coach and his extension on the court could turn sour quickly. If that happens, it is game over for everyone involved with the organization.

The only way Brooklyn succeeds is if the players buy into what Kidd is selling. The only way that happens is if the team works together as one and win games.

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