Brooklyn Nets Head Coach Jason Kidd Offers Staff Position to Lawrence Frank

By Paul Seaver
Jesse Johnson-USA Today Sports

It didn’t take long for newly appointed Brooklyn Nets head coach Jason Kidd to offer up an assistant position to Lawrence Frank.

Even in the  days leading up to the Nets’ hiring of Kidd, it was widely known that Brooklyn’s new head man needed to bolster his staff with experience and even more leadership. Frank was a name that had been instantly linked to Kidd’s potential staff and now it appears that an offer has been made in his direction.

Kidd told ESPN‘s Mike & Mike in the Morning on Friday that, “the invitation is out there,” in reference to Frank deciding on whether or not Brooklyn will be his next stop.

Kidd would certainly love to have Frank join his staff, but the former head coach is in a bit of a unique situation at the moment. Frank currently lives in New Jersey, but a return to the sidelines could be in question as his wife is still recovering from a surgical procedure in March for an undisclosed illness. Kidd certainly understands the tough situation that Frank may be in on a personal level, so although the connection has already been established, this isn’t necessarily an automatic lock.

Frank’s most recent gig was with the Detroit Pistons, but after a 59-94 mark over the past two seasons, he is on the free agent market at the moment.

Kidd will be working on assembling this coaching staff over the course of the coming weeks and summer months, so Nets’ fans should hold tight and wait and see how the bench groups together for next season.


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