Jeff Van Gundy Calls Dwyane Wade is "Top 5 SG All-Time," He's Joking, Right?

By Paul Seaver
Derick E. Hingle-USA Today Sports

There were a few rumors that circulated this off-season in connection to Jeff Van Gundy possibly returning to the sidelines. Things haven’t worked out, so it looks like his future remains with ESPN for the time being.

Take that as you will, especially considering some of the bold statements he has decided to let slip during the Miami Heat‘s continued search of back-to-back titles. Well, on the heels of Van Gundy proclaiming that Erik Spolestra will end up in the Hall of Fame, the infamous broadcaster decided that it would wise to call Dwyane Wade a “top five shooting guard of all-time” on Thursday night.

Okay, can we just stop, please. Is Van Gundy like the greatest Heat fan of all-time?

Nothing against Spoelstra, but Van Gundy is jumping the gun in claiming that he’s bound for the Hall of Fame. Maybe if Spoelstra leads the Heat to not four … not five … not six … NBA Championships, then he will surely be in discussion, but to say that now — yea, it’s laughable.

The Wade statement however, is even more farfetched. It’s hilarious that Van Gundy proclaimed this while “Flash” shined for 32 points, six rebounds and six assists on Thursday night. He’s the fifth player in NBA Finals history to do so — so now, we are just going to throw him into the top five because he had one good game?

Wade might not even be considered within the top five shooting guards in the NBA right now, depending on what angle you want to take. He has one great game and Van Gundy goes bananas. Credit Wade for his performance, but he’s not in this discussion. You could technically even argue that his teammate Ray Allen has had a better all-time positioning in terms of shooting guards.

Let’s credit the work that is being done, but not jump to erroneous conclusions in turn.


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