Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Lionel Hollins Returning For a Second Round of Interviews

By Paul Seaver
Mark D. Smith-USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers‘ coaching search is quickly becoming one of the most talked about situations around the entire NBA.

Throughout the week, the hot topic has a been the potential “mutual interest” between the team and Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers, yet the Clippers aren’t throwing all their eggs into a basket that at this point, doesn’t have much stability.

In fact, according to a tweet from ESPN‘s Marc Stein, the Clippers are set on bringing in Lionel Hollins for a second round of interviews on Friday afternoon. Hollins is also expected to interview with the Denver Nuggets on Saturday, according to ESPN‘s Chris Broussard.

In all, the options for Los Angeles are aplenty and although they may very well want Rivers, it may be too risky of a maneuver. That’s because the Celtics’ Danny Ainge has the leverage in the ongoing situation surrounding Rivers. You see, Boston holds Rivers under contract for the next three years and they have already denied the Clippers permission to speak about their vacancy. It would likely take a blockbuster trade or a large amount of compensation for the Clippers to acquire Rivers and that’s a completely different topic in its own right.

As for Hollins however, the Memphis Grizzlies made the decision to let him go this off-season, despite the team advancing to their first ever appearance in the Western Conference Finals. Hollins can coach and he’s a hot name on the circuit at the moment, so we will see what pans out from this second batch of interviews in L.A.


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