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NBA Rumors: Chris Paul, Dwight Howard Have Already Spoken About Teaming Up Next Season

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Kim Klement-USA Today Sports

The top two free agent targets in this summer’s class are obviously the dynamic tandem of Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. While both superstars are emerging out of the limelight in Los Angeles, the eventual landing spots for each run deep.

There are a few select teams in the running that have the ability to sign both of them and according to a tweet from ESPN‘s Chris Broussard, the two have already spoken about doing just that.

Broussard tweeted on Friday morning that the two free agents have already texted about the potential of teaming up next season. Now with that being made public, the speculation and rumors can certainly begin to heat up. Both Howard and Paul have the potential to return to either Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers, respectively, but neither have been shy about hitting the free agent market this summer.

Howard in fact, has already made things apparent that he will listen to other offers. Paul will assumingly do the same.

Now with the possibility out in the open, just who are the teams that could make this happen? Well, of course the Lakers are in the running, but other moves would need to be made in L.A. in order for this to happen. The Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks would be the favorites in this regard, and you could also include the Houston Rockets, albeit they made the decision to sign free agent point guard Jeremy Lin just last season.

The Mavericks and Rockets though are feverishly working to free space and make a run at Howard or Paul or both. The Hawks however, may be sitting pretty with the most ideal of the three situations. Atlanta can offer two max contracts this summer, which would fit perfectly into this potential.

Even before Broussard made this known however, the speculation was obvious. It’s an option for both Paul and Howard, but NBA fans will have to sit tight until July.


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