Toronto Raptors: Analyzing Rudy Gay's Future With the Team

By Ryan Heckman


Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After giving up both Jose Calderon and Ed Davis before the trade deadline to bring in small forward Rudy Gay from the Memphis Grizzlies, the Toronto Raptors and new head man Masai Ujiri have to wonder how long he will stay. There is no doubt Gay is a good player. But, the question is, is he great?

Gay is set to earn almost $18 million next season out of the $59 million that is the NBA salary cap. He is paid like a superstar, but from all indications, is far from that level.

The Raptors definitely needed a consistent scorer which is why they brought him in. But, Gay seems as if he gives varied levels of effort on any given night. When he wants to be, Gay is a great scorer. He has ideal size for a small forward and can take advantage of smaller players at the position.

He is not a slouch on the boards by any means, but a little more effort could make a whole lot of difference in that aspect of his game. At his size, he could put up a bit more than six rebounds per game, his average last year.

The biggest problem I have with Gay earning that kind of money is that he doesn’t shoot the ball particularly well. Scoring at a rate of just over 41 percent last season, he absolutely did not resemble the type of player Toronto had hoped to trade for.

Was giving up Calderon and Davis worth it? Not in the minds of many Raptors fans. Will he be in Toronto to stay the duration of his contract? That could prove very unlikely as well going into next season. I don’t believe Gay is worth the money, in Toronto’s case, and next season his name could very well be back on the trading block.

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