Utah Jazz Hoping to Find One Star Player During Free Agent Minicamp

By Michael Terrill
Utah Jazz Hoping to Find One Star Player During Free Agent Minicamp
Greg Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Utah Jazz invited 24 NBA D-League and international players to a three-day free agent minicamp this week. The purpose is to find at least one player that could become a star and make a difference in the near future for the organization.

The fact that the Jazz have only six players signed on for the 2013-14 season means they need to find several more talented players to fill out the roster. That means Utah’s scouts will look at every player they believe has a fighting chance because sometimes superstars are born in the least expected places.

“I wouldn’t be surprised to see a handful of these guys from this camp on an NBA roster on opening night next year. Now, whose roster? I don’t know,” head scout David Fredman said, according to DeseretNews.com. “These guys are guys that have enough talent in the right place at the right time they could be on an NBA roster easily.”

It is certainly not cheap for the Jazz to fly in 24 players from all around the world and put them up for a few days, especially when there is a chance none of the players will be on the team next season. With that being said, if only one player pans out for the organization then it will be all worthwhile. It only takes one success story to prove that the Jazz’s minicamp is a worthy investment that must be continued in order to unearth talented players.

The fact that other organizations, specifically the San Antonio Spurs, having been doing this for quite some time means Utah could be on the right track. Two players in particular for the Spurs were scouted in a minicamp and are now helping San Antonio try to win an NBA Championship.

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