Brooklyn Nets Fans Must Push Back Championship Hopes To 2016 With Jason Kidd

By Mike B. Ruiz
Brad Penner-USA Today Sports

Jason Kidd in at head coach for the Brooklyn Nets. Expectations of winning a championship two years from now, out.

How about three years from now though?

That’s what Nets fans should have their hopes set on.

Even if owner Mikhail Prokhorov refuses to renounce the 2015 title vow that he made in 2010 – and stood by just a few months ago – the Nets faithful need to be more realistic after acknowledging the type of situation that he just put his franchise into.

No, realism doesn’t imply that Kidd will crash and burn in a role that he has no experience in whatsoever.

But these circumstances bear no right to be compared to Kidd’s overnight success in 2002, when he led a previously heartless New Jersey Nets organization to the Finals after being acquired going into the season.

It’s a whole new ball game for Kidd now, due to the fact that this is the first time he’s being asked to get a team to the Promised Land without actually having a ball in his hands.

All that being said, Kidd will still be excellent from the get-go. He’s been handed a roster that’s drenched with talent in the starting lineup, with bench reinforcements predicted to be on their way soon enough. Fifty wins will definitely be a practical goal.

This team had the components to make a championship run next season if they went with a proven commodity at head coach, but because Kidd is anything but that, a second round appearance should suffice in year one.

Year two will be much different. Everyone will have an understanding of Brooklyn’s true potential after getting a taste of Kidd and crew together, thusly setting the championship bar.

The likelihood of that bar being reached, however, isn’t encouraging. Having only two regular seasons as a head coach under his belt still won’t be enough to get the job done.

Just the idea of a second-year head coach who never spent a millisecond as an assistant winning it all sounds like a storyline that might even be too imaginative for Hollywood.

So long as management hasn’t lost faith in Kidd after his second year, he will be in a position where he’s finally ready to repay them with true championship potential.

Coaching takes grooming, especially in the NBA.

First ballot Hall of Famers like Kidd are no different.

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