Dallas Mavericks in Trouble if Chris Paul, Dwight Howard Want to be on Same Team

By Michael Terrill
Dallas Mavericks in Trouble if Chris Paul, Dwight Howard Want to be on Same Team
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks are thrilled that they will be able to sign one big named free agent during the offseason. It does not matter if it is point guard Chris Paul or center Dwight Howard that ends up signing with the team considering Dallas need both positions. Unfortunately, it has been reported that Paul and Howard want to play together for the next several years, which means the Mavericks are in trouble.

Owner Mark Cuban believes it is a realistic possibility to see either Paul or Howard in a Mavericks uniform next season.

“The guys who are really impactful players want to look for the best situation, not only from a financial perspective, but also from a team perspective and a team strategy perspective,” Cuban said towards the end of May, according to DallasNews.com. “Where are things going with the organization? We’ve got a good track record; we’ve got an organization that is well respected.”

With that being said, I have to imagine Cuban did not anticipate both star players working out a deal in which they land in the same city and play for the same team. There is no question Dallas will still make a run at both players, but the fact that Paul and Howard will be offered maximum contracts wherever they go certainly does not help. The Mavericks will be able to give one player a max contract but not both.

The fact that Paul and Howard had talked about joining Dallas during the lockout in 2011 certainly has to excite fans in Texas. However, even though getting a championship ring is on top of their list, getting paid while achieving the ultimate goal is more important.

Paul would be the better option of the two players, but I believe the Mavericks have a better shot at signing Howard.

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