Los Angeles Clippers Rumors: Could Sign and Trade For Dwight Howard Be a Possibility?

By Paul Seaver
Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Clippers are attempting to be the kings of the off-season and the thought of building one of these NBA “super teams” is reportedly what they are considering.

Well, the first tipping point in all of this is the potential trade between the Clippers and the Boston Celtics. Numerous reports surfaced on Saturday afternoon stating the Clippers were trying to acquire both Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett from Boston in exchange for DeAndre Jordan and two first round picks. Rivers would not technically be included in the actual deal, but the Celtics would in turn release him from his contractual obligations in order for him to head to the west coast.

The tipping point in those current trade talks however, is Eric Bledsoe. Boston wants him, but the Clippers aren’t too sure that they want to include him in the deal. Why? Well, it’s Dwight Howard related, of course.

According to a tweet from ESPN‘s Marc Stein, the Clippers want to keep Bledsoe and potentially package him with Blake Griffin in a sign and trade for Howard with the Los Angeles Lakers. Talk about an off-season. It’s a plan, it’s head-scratching speculation, but at the moment it could be an option for Los Angeles if they can trigger this potential domino effect.

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski disagrees however, and is reporting that the Clippers want to keep Bledsoe because Rivers wants to coach him alongside Chris Paul in the back court — this of course assuming that Los Angeles will re-sign the free agent and can complete a trade with Boston without Bledsoe in the fold.

Not to mention, Paul Pierce would also be in the mix if the Celtics choose to waive his $15 million contract for next season with the $5 million buyout option.

So, what Stein is suggesting is that the Clippers are potentially envisioning a lineup of Howard, Garnett, Pierce and Paul leading the way with Rivers coaching the team. Wojnarowski sees it differently, however.

Might as well see if Michael Jordan wants to opt out of retirement again to prove he can better than LeBron James in 2013-14, right?. Talk about speculation. Sure, all of this could be a potential option for the Clippers, but in all, don’t expect Danny Ainge and the Celtics to bite without Bledsoe and that obviously would throw a major monkey wrench into the Clippers’ master plan.


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