Boston Celtics Rumors: Team Could Make Los Angeles Very Happy

By Richard Nurse
Doc Rivers
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Word on the NBA front is that Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers is looking to leave town before team president Danny Ainge decides to address the rebuilding process.

More than likely, Rivers is acknowledging the same thing that we noticed. The Celtics look poised to build their 2013-2014 run around a returning Rajon Rondo, which kind of leaves Boston veterans Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett on the outside looking in.

Doc would want no parts of that team — that’s where the city of Los Angeles comes in.

For Pierce, it’s his home, so the odds of him running there, if he was cut, are pretty strong. On the other hand, Garnett would probably eye retirement if his running mate was released. But according to reports, Doc could save everything and tie it all together with the Los Angeles Clippers. The only problem rests in the execution.

Pulling Doc and his non-compete clause out of Boston seems like the easy part — a draft pick here and a little cash there should do it. The lone holdup comes when the Clippers refused to include Eric Bledsoe in a proposed Garnett trade. Again, that’s where the city of Los Angeles comes in.

If the Clippers could convince the Celtics into only taking DeAndre Jordan, then things would set up perfectly for Los Angeles Lakers.

I seriously doubt that Lakers owner Jim Buss would trade Dwight Howard across the hall, but let’s play pocket GM for a moment. Trading Howard for Bledsoe and Blake Griffin would be better than letting him walk for nothing, and it would give the team a California face-lift that’s on par with the stars.

Plus we already know of Chris Paul and Howard’s desire to play together, so why not make it work for both teams?

The Clippers would have a lineup of Howard, Garnett, Pierce, any shooting guard and Paul. Meanwhile, the Lakers would be dumped right back into the playoffs with a system that works best for Mike D’Antoni — Griffin and Steve Nash working the pick-and-roll with Kobe Bryant as the finisher.

And for fun, let’s amnesty Metta World Peace and move Pau Gasol for a cheap stretch four. That would leave the Lakers with a shot at a small forward that everyone would love — Andre Iguodala.

How great would that be?

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