Chris Paul Would Love Playing For Doc Rivers With Los Angeles Clippers

By John Raffel
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Paul would probably play for free if the Los Angeles Clippers were able to get Doc Rivers as their basketball coach.

That’s a mild exaggeration for sure, but the point remains that Paul wouldn’t think of going anywhere but Los Angeles if Rivers took the L.A. position.

Paul would realize that the Clippers are serious about winning a championship if they hired Rivers. Not only would he commit his own presence to the franchise, but he would probably give it everything he had, and then some, to where he’d be like the LeBron James of the West during the NBA playoffs.

Rivers would let Paul do his own thing and would be able to coach Paul’s teammates to work with him as effectively as possible.

That’s of course, if Rivers would come. Reports from Boston already is “no way” unless the Clippers give up a pretty penny. But there are some lengths the Clippers might go for to get Rivers, if they want him badly enough. The Celtics might want a first-round draft pick next year and a Clippers starter. Don’t be surprised if Los Angeles took the bite.

It’s true that players win championships and poor coaching loses them. Rivers has demonstrated what he can do with just the smallest amount of talent and how far he can take it. It’s still a long shot that Rivers will come, and regardless, Paul will probably still be a Clipper.

But a Paul-Rivers connection in Los Angeles would be an intriguing one to say the least.

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