Los Angeles Clippers Targeting Indiana Pacers Forward Danny Granger

By Dylan Hughes
Michael Hickey-USA TODAY Sports

After a day of trade talks with the Boston Celtics, the Los Angeles Clippers are elsewhere on the market today, looking for a forward. It seems like that forward is Indiana Pacers small forward Danny Granger. Granger sat out all but five games this season, but many teams have still shown interest in him.

Before his injury, Granger was a great scorer and certainly had to carry the Pacers on his back on many occasions. Now with Paul George in the house, Granger may not be as needed as he once was, and that probably explains why Indiana has been shopping him so much since their offseason started.

Indiana has made Granger available on the market for at least a few years now. Trade speculations have popped up all over, yet Indiana kept the 30-year-old Granger. Well, now may be the perfect time to trade him with George on the verge of stardom and needing some help from the bench, but the question is, is the trade the Clippers are offering the right one?

Los Angeles is offering Eric Bledsoe, who is currently the backup point guard for the Clippers, in return for Granger. Indiana does need a point guard to lead the bench, but with Bledsoe becoming a free agent next summer and George most likely getting the max-contract he deserves, Bledsoe would probably only be a one-year rental. With Granger’s contract ending next summer as well, the Pacers would have to see which guy they would rather have this season and then lose next offseason. Considering Granger is more proven and would most likely start, they would probably rather have him.

Denying this trade is the best thing for the Pacers. Either they keep the former All-Star, or they look around for better suiting trades. Either way, the Pacers will probably come out a winner in the Granger sweepstakes, whether he remains a Pacer or not.

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