Los Angeles Lakers Should Deal Dwight Howard to Los Angeles Clippers

By Kaylyn Neely
Richard Mackson-USA Today Sports

The Los Angeles Lakers should complete a sign-and-trade deal to move Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Clippers. If Howard is planning on entertaining offers from around the league, which everyone knows he is, it shows he’s already planning to sacrifice the extra $30 million dollars the Lakers can offer, if necessary.

In the nicest ways possible, Howard has made every indication that he doesn’t want to play for the Lakers anymore.

The Lakers should plan to lay out a scenario that also works to benefit them, and the Clippers can offer them the most for Howard.

According to multiple ESPN writers, the Clippers are willing to trade Blake Griffin, who was kind of untouchable when it came to trade talks until now. The Clippers are willing to solicit trades for premier players on any and every  team that will listen. However, when it comes to offering up Griffin, they aren’t so keen on the follow through.

If Howard goes to the Clippers in exchange for Eric Bledsoe and Griffin, as being reported by top reporter Ramona Shelburne, the result will be a very balanced trade. Bledsoe would be a starting point guard if not for Chris Paul, and he’s a young player to balance Steve Nash’s age and probable limited minutes.

It will prevent the Clippers from trying to pull more talent like Kevin Garnett in from the Eastern Conference, and therefore making them even more competitive. However, it will also stop an even less appealing move from being made.

According to ESPN, the Houston Rockets will offer a sign-and-trade to the Lakers, which will send Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin to Los Angeles in exchange for Howard. Dealing Howard to the Clippers will prevent the Rockets from pairing Paul and Howard up with James Harden.

It’s being reported that Howard and Paul have been texting each other and are interested in playing together. A combination of Paul, Harden and Howard would be the worst-case scenario for every team in the Western Conference.

For the Lakers, Howard’s better on the Clippers with Paul than on the Rockets with Paul and Harden, especially if Griffin and Bledsoe are wearing purple and gold.

If the Lakers can’t have Howard, they need to make sure he’s not going to be used against them in the worst possible capacity.

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