New York Knicks Rumors: Does Team Have The Audacity To Fire Mike Woodson For George Karl?

By Steven Carollo
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

With head coach George Karl surprisingly fired from the Denver Nuggets only after winning the coach of the year award, and with the Brooklyn Nets shocking hire of Jason Kidd, only days after announcing his retirement from the game as a player, over Karl, would the New York Knicks have any interest?

I bring this up because local New York radio co-host on WFAN, Craig Carton, on the Boomer and Carton Show brought up the idea of the Knicks firing head coach Mike Woodson and going after George Karl, who has way more coaching experience and coaching success than Woodson.

In my honest opinion, this idea totally does not make much sense.  Yes, Karl is a great head coach in the NBA with an overall 1131-756 regular season record in 25 years, but he has never had the postseason success that New York craves.  Karl has never, in his 25 year coaching career, won a championship and in his nine seasons as head coach of the Nuggets, only made it past the first round one time.  Now Woodson has never won an NBA title as a head coach either, but he has been coaching for way less years than Karl.

If the Knicks even think about replacing Woodson with Karl next season, after Woodson led the Knicks to their most successful season in team history since 1999, I would be utterly shocked.

Woodson is a very good head coach who demands respect from his players and holds everyone accountable.  I believe Woodson is the best choice, for right now, as the Knicks head coach and that they can be serious contenders for a championship in the next few years with Woodson at the helm.

The best fit for George Karl would be to go to the Los Angeles Clippers, who recently just fired their head coach Vinny Del Negro, after their second straight disappointing early exit of the postseason.  The Clippers have a lot of talent, especially with point guard Chris Paul running the show, and with Karl as their head coach they could definitely make a deep playoff run in the Western Conference and possibly win an NBA championship for the next few years.

There is absolutely no reason to fire Woodson at this point if you are the Knicks.  Carton is a good man and very entertaining, but I have to respectfully disagree with his opinion and any Knicks fan who has the same idea as him.

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