2013 NBA Free Agency: Charlotte Bobcats Should Look to Sign Anthony Morrow

By Cody Williams
Anthony Morrow Bobcats
Chris Humphreys – USA Today Sports Images

The Charlotte Bobcats can’t get much worse; that’s the good news. They have been, without much debate, the worst team in the NBA over the past two seasons. In the lockout-shortened 2011-2012 season, they finished with the worst winning percentage in NBA history as they went 9-57 and followed that up by going 21-61 in the 2012-2013 season. With 30 wins over the past two seasons combined, it’s safe to say that up is the only direction they can go.

The Bobcats have made it clear that they plan to start a massive rebuild this off-season in free agency and the draft. They have the fourth pick in the draft and have a sizeable amount of cap-room to work with in free agency. The problem with Charlotte in free agency is the fact that big-name free agents really have no desire to come to a small-market franchise like the Bobcats, especially with their lack of success.

Because of their reputation and status as one of the less desirable free agency destinations, Charlotte has to be creative with who they target for potential signings. They can’t realistically expect to sign guys like a Dwight Howard, a Chris Paul or even a Paul Millsap, but that doesn’t rule them out of signing mid-level guys that could make an impact with the Bobcats. One such guy that they could target this summer would be Anthony Morrow.

Morrow is by no means a superstar in this league. In five NBA seasons with four different teams, he’s averaged just 24.9 minutes per game and has put up 10.9 points, 2.6 rebounds and 1.1 assists per game. However, what makes Morrow an attractive option for Charlotte is his outside-shooting ability.

For his career, Morrow is a 42.4 percent three-point shooter. In comparison, the Bobcats are ranked at No. 27 in the league last season in three-point percentage, converting on just 33.5 percent of their attempts. That statistic largely attests to the fact that Charlotte doesn’t have an elite shooter on their roster, though they tried to give that role to Ben Gordon last season to no avail.

Morrow saw his minutes decrease a great deal last season with both the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks as he played out the rest of his contract that paid him $4 million last year. Considering how little he played last year, that figure is probably going to drop, meaning the Bobcats could likely address a need at a good price by signing Morrow. Though there’s no telling if there’s any interest right now from either party, Morrow to the Bobcats is a move that makes sense.

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