Charlotte Bobcats Must Improve Their Rebounding

By Cody Williams
Biyombo Rebounding Bobcats
Sam Sharpe – USA Today Sports

Though the Charlotte Bobcats finished with just the second-worst record in the NBA this past season at 21-61, it’s definitely arguable that the Bobcats were the absolute worst team in the league.

After all, in terms of points per 100 possessions, they finished with a -10.6 points net rating, the worst in the league by 2.8 points — that’s a pretty good indicator that there wasn’t a team worse than Charlotte.

The Bobcats struggled in most facets of the game. They were a poor offensive team that was never really able to establish an identity on that end of the floor, and were one of the worst defensive teams in the league and couldn’t stop anybody.

However, one of their biggest issues that affected both their offense and defense was their poor rebounding. Charlotte ranked second-last in the league this past season in rebound percentage, grabbing just 47.8 percent of rebounding opportunities. They also ranked second-last in defensive rebound percentage at 71.1 percent.

They were actually somewhat decent in terms of offensive rebound percentage, grabbing 25.7 percent of opportunities, but that’s largely due to the fact that they missed so many shots that they had to grab a few offensive boards here and there.

However, not even their somewhat solid offensive rebounding rate mattered all that much because they still allowed their opponents to be more successful on the offensive glass, with Bobcats opponents grabbing 28.9 percent of offensive rebounds. This resulted in the Bobcats allowing 14 second-chance points per game, the sixth-most in the NBA.

Probably the most troubling part about the Bobcats’ rebounding struggles is the fact that it wasn’t due to a lack of size like the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat. In fact, guys like Bismack Biyombo and Byron Mullens actually form a sizable front line. Despite that, Charlotte was still consistently killed on the boards.

One of the biggest reasons that the Bobcats were so atrocious with their rebounding is the fact that their frontcourt is absolutely terrible in terms of positioning. Biyombo, as well as guys like Tyrus Thomas and Brendan Haywood, were horrible at allowing their man to get inside position on them, and Mullens was often too busy floating around outside the 3-point line to get in and fight on the boards.

Under new head coach Steve Clifford, the Bobcats have to do a better job of positioning themselves on the glass. They have to create quality opportunities to grab boards and create extra possessions and deny their opponents extra possessions. If they are able to improve upon that, it will be wildly beneficial for Charlotte going forward.

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